Amrit Thukral, the renowned realtor of Toronto


Amrit Thukral 'Harmonious relations with all and distinguished repute' are the key assets acquired by Amrit Thukral, the renowned independent realtor of Toronto who renders satisfactory services to the valued clients and is involved in various social activities too.

Sale or purchase of an apt property may not be an easy task for the general public at their own for want of adequate knowledge regarding the complexities of the real estate industry and its rules etc. That's where Mr. Amrit Thukral, the reliable and candid real estate agent of Toronto assists the people with his extensive expertise to hunt and procure the suitable property in or around Toronto as per their specific requirements & varied tastes.

Mr. Thukral has earned a reputed standing in the business. The valued clients take pride in getting the deals finalized through him as he aims at satisfying them fully at the cost of his own sincere efforts and takes personal interest to take the deals to the end.

Transparency and honesty are the two basic tools utilized by Mr. Amrit Thukral and his team mates who facilitate true services. Their deep knowledge about Toronto, its adjoining areas and the dynamics of the related properties help them a lot in getting the properties sold and also make available the dream homes to the house-seekers. Mr. Thukral and his team mates possess undisputed reliability & candour and examine everything from all angles.

Just give one chance to Mr. Amrit Thukral, the realtor of Toronto who facilitates satisfactory one-stop opportunity for solution of any property related issue in Toronto.

Amrit Thukral Skills

  • Rich Experience

  • Feasible Business Strategies

  • Fulfilment of Commitments

  • Personal Approach

  • Transparency

  • Speedy finalization of the property deals


Why prefer Amrit Thukral, the Realtor ?


>   Rich experience of more than ten years in the real estate sector.
>   Holder of valid licence for the real estate business.
>   Honoured member of the Award Winning Realtors Association.
>   Large number of real estate transactions to his credit.
>   Transparency, devotion, fulfilment of commitments and personal approach.
>   Well-designed marketing plans and other feasible business strategies.
>   Enjoys good rapport with the government departments, lending institutions and persons related with the real estate in Toronto and other areas.
>   Speedy finalization of the property deals.
>   Assistance in mortgage related issues.
>   We consider the buying or selling of property not as a source of our income but as a passion that compels us to serve the clients to their entire satisfaction.
>   We help the needy persons in the event of any property dispute, financial difficulty or other such odd situations through our cordial relations with all concerned.


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