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Buying Tips

Your listing agent is dedicated to helping you sell your home at its best possible price and in order to do so, they will conduct a Competitive Market Analysis to compare the value of your property based on other properties in your neighbourhood and to similar properties. This extensive research your agent puts the effort in to conduct on your home or commercial property will allow you to see the price of what your home is worth and ensure that you are getting the top dollar, especially if you have installed any upgrades or have any special features.

Do You Know The Canadian Mortgage Types?

Over the last quarter century, mortgages have change terms and evolved in a variety of ways developing an innovative range of terms and features for buyers:

Variable Rate Mortgage - Variable Rate Mortgage is the type of mortgage in which interest rate fluctuate with the financial markets. The interest rate fluctuate up or down every month, and therefore the part of your payment is specified to pay down the interest follows every month. In majority of cases, your mortgage payment will remain the same.

High-Ratio Mortgage - High-Ratio Mortgage is the type of mortgage which you can apply for when you have less than 25% of cash of the total price of property as down payment. The only way to get mortgage of this type is by paying a premium to lending insurances sources like GEMI or CMHC.

Closed Mortgage – In Closed Mortgage you will have a fixed interest rate which is usually less than an open mortgage rate and a term is firmly set and could not be changed. In this type of mortgage, if you pay off before the fixed end date then you have to pay the penalty.

Convertible Mortgage – In Convertible Mortgage, you can changed from short to long term mortgage , depending upon your financial conditions.

Open Mortgage – Open Mortgage is the most flexile mortgage that allows you to pay it off, renew or refinance at any time you want.



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