Rent Information and Tips


Few persons may be interested more in the rented condos, homes, commercial properties / lands or apartments in Toronto or its surrounding areas. Mr. Thukral, the famous real estate agent helps them by finding the suitable ones at reasonable rates.

Certain meaningful tips need to be considered by the occupants and the owners of the properties while renting out the same to the former.


After locating the suitable properties for the occupants, Mr. Thukral arranges their meeting with the owners. Necessary negotiations are conducted by Mr. Thukral on behalf of both the parties and a suitable agreement is reached upon with mutual consent.

Paper Work

Mr. Thukral helps the owners and the occupants for inking out the necessary documents pertaining to the renting out process, i.e. the lease period, rate of lease and other related matters.

Fixtures etc

All permanent fixtures in the condos, homes, commercial properties / lands or apartments, i.e. doors, windows and bath tubs etc are clearly inked out in the lease deed so that everything is clear to both the parties. This clear cut explanation does not allow any dispute to take place at the later stages. Copies of such documents are provided to both of them while the third copy remains with the concerned office. Mr. Thukral himself also retains one such copy for future reference, if needed.

Renewal of lease

If both the parties intend to extend the lease for another term, Mr. Thukral helps them to renew the same.



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