Free Property Reports


Mr. Thukral and his team facilitate property related reports free for the convenience of the buyers, tenants and sellers of the properties in Toronto and around this beautiful city. The valuable information contained in these reports benefits them in many ways.

State policies

Rules pertaining to the properties undergo frequent changes in all states, including Canada too. Mr. Thukral and his associates keep a regular track of such developments and apprise their customers through the free reports containing such vital information, e.g. taxation or other issues.

Different areas

Toronto, the large city of Canada consists of many widespread areas. All information related to the property related issues in these sectors is provided in the free reports provided by Mr. Thukral. Persons interested in buying, renting or selling the property are benefited greatly with these reports.

Market Trends

Different areas in Toronto and its exteriors have their own peculiar characteristics as regards the properties, their recent sale prices and other related matters. Such valuable info is of great advantage for the interested persons who are enabled to take apt decisions for buying, renting or selling the properties in Toronto or its periphery.


Lot of improvements are initiated by the municipal authorities in Toronto and its surrounding areas that add much to the value of the properties. Mr. Thukral, the renowned real estate agent of Toronto provides such information to his clients who may be interested to buy or rent some property in the city or its surroundings.

Information about recent deals

Large number of property related deals takes place at frequent intervals in Toronto and its border areas. With an effective network, Mr. Thukral and his colleagues come to know such transactions that help them to apprise their customers too who are interested for the same.



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