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Needless to mention, Mr. Amrit Thukral, the prominent real estate agent always puts his earnest efforts to get your Toronto condos, homes, commercial properties / lands or apartments in Toronto or its periphery sold off as fast as possible with maximum returns.

He suggests few vital tips for you also to seize the attention of the potential buyers for your house. Many of them will certainly be ready to consider it as their dream home if you to stick to the following crucial steps that are a must to win them.

Overall Impression

The old saying, 'First Impression is the Last Impression' is in fact the master card that you can play to enhance the worth of your house and get unexpected huge prices that enrich you greatly. Just put yourself in the seat of a purchaser and ask yourself whether your Toronto condos, homes, commercial properties / lands or apartments in Toronto or around it is worth living and will the purchasers be ready to give you the asking price?

A well organized house is a matter of great pride and charm for all whereas the one with shabby looks does not appeal at all. Hence, all efforts should be made to make the property a piece of glamour and excellence. The first glance of the buyers at your house should leave unforgettable impressions that require all things to be arranged in a disciplined manner. It is not only the buyers who visit your house but they bring their friends and relatives too to examine the houses for them. So, be careful about all the items and other usable articles that should be kept at their proper places.

Mr. Thukral suggests you to replace the welcome mat to boost the image of your house in the buyers' eyes.

The driveway, garden and the entrance of the house should be neat and tidy in all respects. No broken branches or leaves should be there in your lawn and the lighting devices should work effectively. The broken windows should be repaired and repainting should also be carried out at the places that need it. Patch work should also be done well in advance. All these petty tasks go a long way to augment the significance of your house for the probable buyers who may take quick decision to offer you even more than you expect.

Proper planning

Mr. Thukral suggests that a comprehensive planning done by you will add to the prominence of your Toronto home or other property. Just ask your friends to assist you for this particular process. They will suggest you the requisite jobs that will boost the looks of the house. Note down and go ahead complying with the same as quick as you can. Get the repainting, fixing or cleaning done without wasting any time. All these things will encourage the potential buyers' interest for your house that will give appealing impressions enabling you to sell it faster and higher too.

Total Shipshape

You should ensure that everything whether inside the house or outside is spotless. The windows, window sills, tile, ceilings, floors, kitchen, bathrooms and drawers etc should be cleared form the dirt. The scuff marks, if any should also be removed; the light fixtures and fireplace should be cleaned properly. Unwanted items like the old clothes, furniture and other unusable items should be kept in a separate place. The garage and other spaces should also be cleared nicely. The clutter should also be eliminated and the basements should give excellent looks.


Brighter looks of the rooms and other portions of your house can be obtained through new coats of paint that enable the areas to look larger. Light neutral colours including white or beige facilitate gorgeous images.


Be advised to replace the old defective carpet if it is not worth placing at the floor. However, if you do not intend to buy a new one, do not forget to get the old one repaired and washed properly as this important household item counts much for anyone. Improvements through repairs & renovations

With the passage of time, certain items including the sewer system, water taps and other articles incur defects that should be got repaired before the arrival of the visitors who intend to purchase the property. Broken lamps and hinges etc should be replaced without any loss of time. Same is true with the leaky faucets that should be either repaired or got replaced. The water problems should be got fixed properly.

In nutshell, all portions of the house, i.e. the entrance, interior, exterior, living rooms, kitchen, baths and the gardens etc should be appealing for the soon-to-be buyers to encourage them to offer you the top dollar.

The following alphabetical checklist about maintenance of different portions and articles of your house reminds you for the requisite tasks that need to be performed prior to inviting the likely buyers to your house –


A - Attic
B – Bathrooms, Basement
C- Ceilings, Cupboards & drawers, Ceiling fans, Closets, Carpet & rugs, Computer screens
F- Furniture, Furnace filter, Floors
G- Garage, Gutters
K- Kitchen
L – Light Fixtures, Laundry Room
M – Mirrors
T – TV, Tiles
S – Sills and screens
W – Walls, Windows
Y – Yard
Be careful to keep your private items in hiding and clear any type of clutter too.


B – Broken windows, broken appliances
D- Damaged walls, ceilings, sidewalks, steps, deck boards
E – Electrical fixtures
G – Gutters
L – Loose doorknobs, Leaky faucets and plumbing
S – Slow drains
T – Torn screens
W – Water strain damages, Worn carpet and rugs


C - Clean out birdbaths, Caulk windows and doors
E - Enhance entryway
L – Lawn: Mow, fertilize, edge, and trim
M - Make sure doors close properly
P - Paint or stain exterior, Prune bushes and hedges
R - Roll up garden hose, Repair and paint fences, Replace welcome mat
S - Store tools, Stain or paint deck, Stack firewood, Shovel driveways, de-ice, Seal asphalt driveway
T – Trim the trees
W - Weed gardens, plant flowers
Note – Apart from the above points, you yourself can also check and make necessary changes that may be helpful in captivating the buyers' mind.

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