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The straightforward real estate business team led by Mr. Amrit Thukral, the competent realtor maintains proper listing of the Condos and Lofts presented to them for sale in Toronto and its periphery. You may contact them at any time by dialling 647-461-0600 / through fax at 905-665-3167 or e mail at to convert your dream of a suitable & competitively priced accommodation into reality.

The last few years have witnessed a great upsurge in the sale deals of Condos and Lofts in Toronto as more and people are interested to either purchase the same for personal use or earn big money through investment. The world class amenities available in the Toronto Condos encourage the buyers from across the globe. Their investment in these modern living spaces proves its worth in the shape of glamorous and fascinating living styles that are the keys of their popularity. Mr. Thukral, the truthful real estate agent in Toronto assists you to own a suitable Condominium from amongst many that are readily available for immediate sale through him. Price is not a problem as he negotiates on your behalf with utmost care and does not allow even a single $ extra to go out from your pocket. Details in respect of few Condos in Toronto are furnished below for your ready reference and perusal.

Imperial Plaza (Young & St. Clair)

Located at 111 St. Clair Avenue West, Imperial Plaza is one of the prominent and largest creations. It is surrounded by the classiest buildings and facilitates easy approach to the nearby financial institutions, shopping malls, pubs, the finest eateries, parks and colleges etc. Candidly, buying a Loft or Condo in this block is momentous in all respects.

Yorkville Plaza - 21 Avenue Road

A nice arrangement of 32 storeys with 511 suites, situated on the south east corner of Avenue Road & Yorville Avenue; Yorkville Plaza will provide all the amenities & comfortable living for the ones who are lucky to secure their preferred Condos here. Camrost-Felcorp, the famous developer is expected to deliver the possession of the accommodations during 2014 fall.

Jade Condominiums

The seven storey building approachable through the Bayview Subway Station and Bayview Village Shopping Centre is a marvellous construction that offers state-of-the-art Condos for the aspirants who aim to enjoy life with style and glamour. Situated in uptown Toronto, Jade condominiums meets the occupants' expectations to their entire satisfaction.

Red Hot Condos

Want to be charmed with extraordinary comforts! Why not get a Red Hot Condo and have access to the city core through the Don Valley Parkway. Located in Dallimore Circle, Toronto, south of highway 401; the eye-catching Red Hot Condos are appreciated by all who wish to be delighted with true living and fashion.

Mercer Condos

Situated at a walking distance from the Entertainment District, The Mercer; this beautifully designed Condos building is a chic in itself. The surrounding amenities and beautiful mansions around Mercer Condos enhance its popularity amongst all concerned, particularly the aspirants for comfy Condos.

Project Downtown Condos - Wellington Street West

Located at 508 Wellington Street West, the nicely arranged eleven storeyed Downtown Condominium building facilitates posh living and gorgeous environs. Ownership of a condo or loft in this finest building fills the blessed ones with pride and pleasure as they are able to have true charm and peace of mind.

Backstage Condos

The thirty-six storeyed building, situated southeast of Yonge Street and The Esplanade; Backstage Condos is encircled by bistros, bars and nightclubs in the neighbourhood. All the requisite amenities are readily available for the imminent possessors of Condos or Lofts in this graceful building.

Tableau Condominiums

Designed by Wallman Architects, Tableau Condominiums is an arrangement of thirty-six storeys with 410 suites, retail outlets at the ground level and 25,000 ft office space. Art, fashion and style are the unique features of this marvellous building that facilitates the classic looks and all services too.

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